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Project Management, as the name suggests, means managing a particular project to achieve the end result. In today’s world of business, every business organisation looks forward to hiring people who have the ability to successfully manage business projects. Since most of the employees in an organisation are involved in project-related activities in some or the other way, it is important for an individual to possess project management skills. 

What is Project Management?

A project is a temporary task or endeavour which is designed to produce a product or service and is undertaken to meet the goals and objectives within a time frame. Project Management courses help an individual in developing his/her skills in the setting of a goal and its completion in a professional setting. A candidate pursuing Project Management course learns how to organise and administer business projects. Furthermore, students have the tools and techniques at hand that can help them manage the risks, adapt to the changes thereby increasing an organisation’s effectiveness. One of the most important aspects that a student pursuing a Project Management course learns is how to juggle more than one project at once. Project Management can be pursued as a full-time, part-time or online course. 

A Project Management course prepares an individual on how to strategise and take decisions in the real business world. Some of the popular Project Management courses one can choose to opt for are: 

  • Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Project Management: The PGD in Project Management is generally a one-year course where students learn about the concepts and approaches related to Project Management. This programme is generally opted by working professionals willing to advance their career prospects. 
  • Certificate in Project Management: A Certificate in Project Management is a short-term course generally of six months duration where candidates learn about planning and executive of projects. Also, candidates gain an insight about what how a particular project needs to be completed within the deadline and as per the client’s standard and cost. 
  • Master of Business Administration in Project Management: MBA in Project Management is a two-year programme that emphasises on how one can work more efficiently and increase profits in the world of business. 

Project Management Eligibility Criteria

MBA in Project Management

  • The candidate must have hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or an equivalent from a recognised university.
  • The candidate must have secured a minimum of 45% aggregate in Graduation.

Certificate in Project Management

  • Candidate must have completed Class 12 or equivalent examination from a recognised board.
  • Candidate must have obtained a minimum of 50% aggregate in the examination. (This percentage might vary depending upon the college)
  • Candidates must hold a minimum work experience of two years 

PGD in Project Management

  • Candidate must have completed Class 12 with Commerce
  • Candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree in any branch of Engineering / Technology / Architecture and must hold a work experience of two years OR
  • Candidate must hold a Diploma in any branch Engineering/Technology / Architecture / Planning and must hold a work experience of four years OR
  • Candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree in any non-engineering discipline, and a work experience of three years

Skillsets Required

To pursue a career as a Project Manager one must possess leadership qualities and good communication skills. Along with leadership qualities, one must also know how to negotiate and read body language. Candidates willing to pursue a course in Project Management need to possess the following skill set: 

Skillset Required for a Career in Project Management

Excellent communication skills

Leadership qualities

Team Management skills

Ability to negotiate

Ability to create project schedules

Cost Management skills

Critical thinking ability

Ability to meet tight deadlines

Problem-solving ability


Effective decision-making skills


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Course Curriculum

Candidates willing to pursue the course must have an idea about what they will study once they get enrolled in the course. Following is detailed information on the course curriculum of Project Management: 

Project Management: Course Curriculum

Introduction to Project Management

Defining “project management”

Exploring opportunities in the project management field

Developing project management skills

Categorising different types of projects

Understanding the difference between projects and programmes


Planning Your Project

Planning a project

Identifying and delivering on the client’s priorities

Managing stakeholders

Developing a project management plan

Identifying and managing risks

Assessing the feasibility of a project

Implementing Your Project

Entering into a contract

Managing a project

Setting up a project database

Creating an effective work schedule

Monitoring a project

Conducting effective meetings

Managing change

Addressing problems

Project Management Techniques

Identifying organisational structures

Estimating costs and budgeting

Using critical path project management tools

Establishing the critical path

Tracking project milestones

Using the programme evaluation and review technique

Using process improvement tools

Managing time

Controlling quality


Business and Financial Issues

Understanding the importance of a business case

Developing a business case

Identifying project costs

Calculating return on investment (ROI)

Calculating a payback period

Determining net present value (NPV)

The Project from Start to Finish

Identifying the life cycle of a project

Handing over a project

Closing a project

Reviewing a project

People in the Project

Assembling your project team

Planning resources for your project team

Managing your project team

Managing conflict within your team

Communicating effectively

Providing leadership and fostering teamwork

Project Management Top Entrance Exams

Though there are no specific entrance exams for admission to the Project Management course, candidates willing to pursue MBA in Project Management can appear for Management entrance tests and choose Project management as their specialisation. Some of the top MBA exams in Project Management are as follows: 

Top Project Management Exams







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Job Profiles and Top Recruiters

A degree in project management opens up numerous career opportunities. Candidates can look for jobs in various industries and sectors like IT, Advertising, Marketing, Government agencies, Banking, Trading, Design companies. Some of the top job profiles in Project Management are as follows: 

Job Profile Description Average Salary (in INR)*
Project Manager The job responsibility of a Project Manager is to create and manage teams whilst developing team plans. Furthermore, the execution of these plans to achieve the goals of the company is one of the focus areas of a Project Manager. 15 LPA
Project Designer A Project Designer collaborates with the Project Manager and assigns resources for the completion of the company’s projects. 6 LPA
Project Analyst The core responsibilities of a Project Analyst are to gauge the performance of the project and provide project analysis to the team carrying out the project. A project analyst needs to have critical decision-making skills. 6.47 LPA
Project Controller The project controller and project manager work together to define a project’s goals and objectives. Furthermore, the project controller also manages the project’s budget, analyses the report of work done and provides suggestions to improve the progress of the project. 8.3 LPA
IT Project Manager

An IT Project Manager is responsible for working with computers, servers, maintaining computer systems, etc.

15 LPA
Business Project Manager The business project manager works with clients, consults with other business projects. 20 LPA
Product Manager A product manager focuses on a specific product of the organisation. The product manager works towards manufacturing, pricing and promotion of the product. 18 LPA
Construction Project Manager A Construction Project Manager supervises construction projects. This could include supervising commercial properties, residential homes or any other building projects 10 LPA
Project Coordinator A project coordinator assists the project manager in planning and organising projects. This is an entry-level position that focuses on performing the lighter tasks. 4.7 LPA
Software Project Manager This profile is more or less like the profile of an IT project manager, the difference being that a Software project manager specifically deals with updation of software and the improvement and development of new software. 16.6 LPA

*The salary data above is taken from glassdoor.com

Project Management Top Recruiters

Some of the top recruiters in the field of Project Management are: 

Project Management Top Recruiters

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)


ITC Ltd.


BG India

Telford International

SGC India Private Limited

Bechtel India Private Limited

IBM BTO Business Consulting Services


FAQs Related to Project Management

Q: What is Project Management?

A: Project management is the planning and organisation of a company's resources to perform a specific task or event within the time constraint to achieve desired results. In other words, project management includes planning, organisation, execution, monitoring and result of a particular task. 

Q: Why should I opt for a Project Management course?

A: A project management course is something that every individual must consider. The course can teach the employees to be efficient and productive in a business setup whilst boosting morale. 

Q: What are the five stages of Project Management?

A: The five stages of project management include initiation, planning, execution, analysis or monitoring and closure.

Q: Why is Project Management important?

A: Project Management is important for hassle-free work. The purpose per se is to foresee the dangers or problems as possible and be able to plan ahead and control activities so that the project or task is completed successfully within the time frame without much hassle.

Q: What are the courses available for Project Management?

A: One can pursue a course in project management at the post-graduation level, diploma level and as a certificate course.

Popular Project Management Colleges in India

Following are the most popular Project Management Colleges in India. Learn more about these Project Management colleges (Courses, Reviews, Answers & more) by downloading the Brochure.
Training ERA

Training ERA

Rajarhat, Kolkata
5 K - 12.5 K
QAI India Limited

QAI India Limited

Nehru Place, Delhi

Popular Private Project Management Colleges in India

1 Course
2.5 L
2 L
Training ERA

Training ERA

Rajarhat, Kolkata

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